Friday, September 21, 2012

Planet Hogswamp: Special Deal on the black market

First come first serve on the goods below.  Not only do you get the items but a special pass to smuggle them past space port security. Post your purchase and character name in the comments on the blog.

Uzi  - 2 available
(Small, Burst, Repeating, 30 round magazine, uses pistol rounds, +1 awesomeness with 80's hair) - $3000 each

Silencers - 3 available
(No suspicion from shooting, pistol round caliber only, small item) - $800

Sawed-off Shotgun - 1 available
(Medium, Complicated, Exotic OR Repeating with 2 shot magazine, uses Shells) - $550

Pristine Thompson 1928 - 1 available (comes with fully loaded drum!)
(Medium, Hand and a Half Grip, Burst, 50 round drum, uses heavy pistol rounds) - $12,500

Vials of Neurotoxin - 3 available
(dose deals d4 damage a round for 12 rounds) - $8,000

Special Molotov's - 10 available
(A special alcohol jelly with air based chemical detonator, sealed in a festive mason jar. Blast 2/Fire) - $20

$20k in counterfeit script - 1 briefcase available
(Electronically it is easy to prove its fake, a stealth check of +10 to detect by the human eye) -$500

Construction License - 1 available
 $800 - no questions asked, union backed

Ranchers License - 3 available
$300 - Administration backed, no questions asked


  1. El Burro thinks he needs both Uzi's, and all three silencers.

  2. Frankie is going after that briefcase o' cash.

  3. Dorian is buying himself a construction license, rancher license, molotovs, and the tommy gun baby.