Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fantasy Polynesia

So one of the historical settings I have always loved (just below Meso-America)  is the Polynesian Triangle.   After visiting the Hawaiian Islands recently I have decided I definitely am going to have my next fantasy ConstantCon game be set there.

However,  I am going to take liberties with history in same way D&D takes liberties with the concept of medieval Europe.

1.) Economics and Feudalism
   The Hawaiian Islands had a feudal government at this point.  Economically (and in terms of having non-nobility adventurers) this poses some problems.  So I am going to solve it the traditional RPG way,  early modern economics has somehow crept in.  And in the same vein the explanation for this societal shift where concepts of money and noble titles co-exist?   ELVES.

2.) Polynesian Mythology
  There will be a basis for sure, a strong theme.  But if you look at most adventure games set in "faux Europe" the monsters tend to be mostly Greek or 20th century literary inventions.  So if you pop into this game don't be surprised if you find something like a Morlock uprising or a rogue deepcrow.

3.) Travel
  Magic is real.  The Polynesian triangle was fairly isolated day to day and most people didn't go far, more so than Europe (which still, people often didn't even go to the next city).  Assume the existence of magic combined with the actual, historical fantastic sea voyages means there is more regular contact (at least among nobility) along the Triangle.   They would certainly be far off and exotic,  but you might find a Maori noble on Maui.

4.) Time Crunch
  History is long.  But to have a stronger dynamic the "point in time" of the Hawaiian Islands will be a crunched 250 year period.    Historical rulers and figures who were not contemporaries will be,  because they had the most game-able personalities, achievements and goals.  Like wise, a few things that are anachronisms will exist.  Because Elves, why not.

5.) I'll swap out some history for other potential history and or magic
  I am crunching time,  but lets mush some more stuff in there.  Things that could have happened (especially with magic) but didn't and may have even been really unlikely or had no reason, or only happened because another PC from another campaign caused it.


  1. Sounds awesome! I imagine that sea travel will be a big part of your game?

    1. Largely that would depend on the players I guess, but it certainly will be available and ideally interesting in its own right.

  2. Uh... underwater combat...
    but yeah, sounds great. Maybe placing some mystical (swimming?) islands or something into the pacific would make Hawaii less isolated? Just a random idea.

  3. The only thing I really know about in relation to these islands are their tattoos. Take a look and do a bit of reading about them, you should find something else a bit cool to play around with.

  4. What if...instead of ELVES, you stick with the Hawaiian connection-ELVIS!