Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rumours on Hogswamp

1.) The systems deep space militia patrol ship is looping back to Hogswamp as part of its three month rotation. Rumour has it they intend to seize salvage rights when they arrive in a few weeks.

2.) Francois, an apprentice of Willy the Appleseed is looking to hire someone for a special retrieval mission.

3.) Eustace, a record keeper in the administration has been seen frequenting some of the shadier prospector hangouts looking to find some business partners.

4.) The constabulary raided some of the main stills, alcohol has doubled in price in the short term.

5.)  A rebel instigator has shot one of Col. Brimley's men.  He's announced he'll pay for any rebels brought to him alive, or for any information on their camps.

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