Friday, August 3, 2012

Property Guide to Planet Hogswamp

So maybe you've managed to get some script from the salvage of the RFCS Northcote,  maybe you are looking to buy some planet side accommodations?

Property on Hogswamp tends to either be clay bricks, spruce planks or if you are really wealthy a proper mansion with paint, insulation, the whole 9 yards.  Rural property is cheaper and has less meddling from the administration,  but also no real protection and no power.   The power grid is flaky in the city, and wooden buildings have a 1% monthly chance of catching fire.

Small plank shanty
(urban): $200/month or $5K,  $10/month for power
(rural): $50/month or $1K, no power.

Wooden Cabin
(urban): $600/month or $15k,  $10/month for power
(rural): $200/month or $7k,  no power

Brick House
(urban): $1000/month or $50K, $15/month for utility
(rural): $400/month or $50k, no power

Large Brick Building
(urban): $2500/month or $200K, $50/month for utility

Wooden Office Space
(urban): $200/month, utility included

Brick Office Space
(urban): $250/month, utility included

Wooden warehouse
(urban):  $2000/month or $100K, $20/month for utility

(urban): $15000/month or $1M, $500/month for utility
(rural): $2M, $100/month for on site utility maintenance

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