Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reports from the Northcote

A few expeditions have made it into the RFCS Northcote.   Rumours going about the town are sketchy but some details have slipped out,  how true are they?  Unknown.

1.) Booby traps and false warnings litter the place
2.) There is a bad swamp rat infestation. flesh eating.
3.) Some sort of "Space Madness" seems to have struck passengers
4.) Some areas have a plague of some sort
5.) Submachine guns were confiscated by a returning party.
6.) The interior Tube-Transit system is still functional
7.) I'm not saying it was aliens....but...
8.) A few new crops have been brought down to Will the Appleseed.
9.) There are escaped convicts on the ship, one was brought back
10.) It's believed the rebels are trying to get infiltrators onto the ship.
11.) There is an entire hold filled with Synthbrosia worth millions on board.
12.) "The Boss" is looking for a shipment meant for Will.
13.) The ship's orbit is deteriorating and will soon crash into the swamp.

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