Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Books are in! Soon to being shipped out!

I now have this years print run of NGR for 2012 from the binder. I am looking through to make sure no major errors, then shipping can begin!  Those who ordered a copy can expect and email from me today!


  1. Nice Zz. Is this your 3rd edition. Be careful, once you hit 4th edition its all down hill.

  2. Where is the best venue to ask you about content of NGR, Zzarchov?

  3. Hello Rusty,

    You can contact me on Google+, or fire me an line to liberinterdico with Google's mail provider.

  4. Once again I missed the call for orders. I really should keep up with my blogs.
    Do you have any extra copies available?
    Or do you have an idea if you may do another run?

  5. Hello Nemo235, shoot me an email to Liberinterdico at google's mail, I can fire you off a copy.