Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sci-Fi and NGR

One thing I built specifically into NGR was its ability to work well in a sci-fi game, and I have my own "mud and despair" sci-fi universe I like to putter around in.

The only changes I really make are let players know there is no mana, no magic and no piety.  As such they probably don't want to be part wizard or priest. Well, they may put a pie piece or two in priest so long as they know it will be really reduced in impact as it will not be supernaturally backed.  This isn't so much a change as just letting players know a setting limitation.  You could still be a full wizard,  I'd just be a crap GM if I didn't warn players.

The second is an optional change for when the guns come out.  Technically this isn't really needed,  NGR will handle guns just fine.  I simply like it to add some variation.

 In terms of guns (and not melee weapons),   "Slash/Pierce/Blunt" are replaced with "Bullets/Lasers/Explosives".   So a rifle would have its die size increased by one, a laser would do repeating damage and explosive weapons would be more likely to cause criticals.

Technology can still use the spell templates fairly well, as if magic items.  A flame thrower is just a magic item with the "Cone" template spell, a grenade using "Blast" etc.  This makes it very easy to stat up such things on the fly, rather than needing to do a lot of work ahead of time.

The luck point mechanic, combined with  the implied naval rules, handles space combat, cloaking and the like exceedingly well.

So I will definitely be running a Sci-fi,  "Dungeon Crawl" (Space Hulk style) game on G+ soon, and will be posting more about the setting.

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