Sunday, May 27, 2012

Minor Organizations

So previously I covered the major organizations,  but there are a few minor organizations that players will probably come in contact fairly frequently:   The Teamsters, Appleseeds and various Fundamentalists.

The Teamsters
  There is quite a bit of cargo being hauled around between Serv populated worlds,  when the supersized cargo-haulers aren't loaded with goods for the federated worlds nor resupplying the front lines they take side jobs bebopping between worlds trading goods that "fell off the cargo bay".   Being a teamster barely pays for room and board on the ships, unless you are corrupt.  There are a great many wealthy teamsters. Picture the Nostromo or Red Dwarf except with Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as the captain.  These are the teamsters.  They do not control all traffic; there are a great many freelance captains running small vessels.  There are also many retired teamsters running cargo ships that the corporation has officially "Safely Decommissioned" once they started falling apart and emitting mildly dangerous levels of radiation.  While no Serv really has the education needed to understand how the engines, star lane drives or grav stabilizers work,  many teamsters have a rote knowledge of what pre-made parts go where and what damaged parts look like.

"I guess I could smuggle yooz guys on board, buuuut I don't feel like getting off my ass so hide you self and leave the money in my locker".

The Appleseeds
  Most people call them Appleseeds,  especially those who wish to be called "eco-poets".  There are two main varieties of Appleseeds that are easily distinguised by how they react to being called Appleseeds.   Those who react indignantly tend to be younger, pretentious beatniks who see themselves as artists in the greatest medium of all Life itself.  They tend to be mocked endlessly in a cruel and demeaning fashion by most Servs. Those who react with a chuckle and a "far out man" tend to be in their golden years, stereotypical aging hippies who zone out and talk about the great mother nature.  They tend to also be mocked endlessly but in a far more patronizing and almost protective fashion.   Given the botched terraforming that is characteristic of so many worlds, and the ridiculously low biodiversity on almost every world,  the Appleseeds are generally tolerated though subject to scrutiny.  The poorer ones travel around their own world, attempting to find barren lifeless areas and carefully cultivate ecosystems with the hope that they will spread to the surrounding area.  The wealthier or luckier ones tend to have ramshackle ships stuffed to the gills with boxes of seeds, potted plants and animals in poorly secured cages that scream constantly.   They travel world to world,  trading seeds and breeding pairs with local Appleseeds (or taking and leaving samples by hand if there isn't one).  They seek to spread as much varied animal life between worlds,  taking donations from the local populace or engaging in sales.  In a world without rubber trees the introduction of the plant will have a big impact on local industry.  This sometimes leads to the unfortunate accidents that sometimes befall Appleseeds as they piss off the wrong local robber baron.   Other times they seek to introduce animals that are nothing but pests or worse dangers, to the local population.  The constabulary and or local lynch mobs take a dim view on this.  Still,  the Appleseeds do have a large impact on individual worlds and are a good source of coin for starting interplanetary traders.

"I am an artist, the very world we sit on is my canvas!"  "Ok groovy you know?"

The Fundamentalists
  The Rupert-Furlcorp systems are full of scarcely populated, isolated planets that are incredibly backward technologically. While corporate sponsored religion does exist among the Servs (though carefully monitored),  sometimes federated citizens who believe in violent or obscure versions of major religions will trespass and sneak into the myriad of near empty worlds to set up shop.  Unmolested for decades they may found their own squatter nations or kingdoms and believe themselves above all law.  Worse to the corporate bottom line, they often bring local serv populations into the fold.   As many of them are citizens,  orbital carpet bombardment is illegal lest the corporation be sued by relatives inside the federation.  Apprehension and expulsion from corporate lands will often be rewarded by the corporation with federation credits..enough to buy citizenship for the lucky servs involved.
  "The sacred light of the Hale-Bopp has indicated that here is where we shall settle and build a shimmering New Des Moines to last for ten thousand years!"

So while these organizations may not come up much for a simple Dungeon Crawl, they could still be important to PC plans.

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