Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hog-Swamp: A backwater world

Hog-Swamp is a small rocky world, abandoned by the mining fleets some 60 years ago.  Its gravity was boosted, an atmosphere was applied.   So in that regards terraforming stuck pretty well.

Half the planet is a morass of toxic water a few inches deep amidst collasal rubble and slag from mining.  Nothing but algae, moss and lichen with the odd insect.

much of the rest of the planet is the great plain.  Mostly smooth with collasal chunks of detris strewn about in great cubes.  Vast perfectly rectangular chasms periodically dot the land where great scoops were taken from the planet.   Terraforming for plant life was somewhat successful here.  The landscape is covered in grass,  though the maple trees large failed to take hold (barring a handful in the shadow of collasal piles of rubble).   Juniper bushes spread from birds are the only real vegetation aside from the grass, moss and lichen.   Still there is plenty of life in these arid planes.   Floppy eared bunnies, rats, chickens, cats and dogs.  Great swarms of flies, bees, and crawling vermin that escaped the mining ships.

But most of the people live in the crater.  A vast depression where most of the "rivers" flow, a giant swamp the size of France.   Shallow water with a few lakes,  mounds of silted mud held strong with crab grass, apple trees and spruce.  Dense bushes of wild hemp and juniper give habitat to the truly vast swarms of pigs that are the mainstay of the local economy.  They farm a bit,  corn, celery, onions... but mostly it is pig hunting.  Makes up most of the exports since the elephant population escaped in the rebellion.

Still,  biodiversity is comically low and a local "Appleseed" has set up shop on the only remaining settlement around the spaceport.  He'll pay good script for a few more species to introduce,  provided the local corrupt constabulary doesn't think it will interfere with his profits.  It is still a largely empty planet,  perhaps as little as 60,000 souls to the millions of pigs.

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  1. A backwater planet full of pigs...I see a sci-fi horror scenario in that.