Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From Hell's Legion: The men in the mirror

Antonio waved around his sword in a frenzy,  his brow dripping as much sweat as blood "Show yourself!".   His brother Augusto lay dead on the table, the flickering torchlight highlighting the pooling blood with an almost steady rhythm. 
  With a sharp pain in his calf Antonio swung around to face nothing once more.  He could feel blood pouring down his leg "Have I gone mad?".   It was then that Antonio spied the mirror above the wash basin.  He could see a pale man of exquisite dress circling him in the reflection, a laugh swelled in his stomach and he cried out 'Perseus shall show me the way fiend!'.
  Antonio's calf screamed in pain as he leaped to grab the mirror and swiveled it to face his attacker.  The last thing he saw was the point of a rapier coming from within the mirror into his brain.  "I smell burnt toast..."

The dreaded men in the mirror, servants of Belial.  Often mistaken for vampires, these undead spirits are but mere reflections of who they were in life.  That is not a metaphor,  they are literally reflections.  These beings inhabit the mirror universes,  but are freed from their counterpart in this world.   As such, when this demon lunges at a mirrored surface his will not bounce off of his counterpart, and will instead pass through to the alternate plane.  The men in the mirror are thus able to climb through a mirror and slay their victims.  Their preferred method of murder however,  is to wait until their target is reflected upon something and to kill their target's reflection.  The injuries suffered by the target's reflection seem to mirror over to the target themselves.  If the men in the mirror have one weakness it is their fear of being caught in a mirror without anything for it to reflect.  Each mirror is its own universe, extending to only what is reflected upon it.

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