Thursday, May 24, 2012

A brief overview of the common organizations in the corporate systems

Standardization is a big part of society in the Rupert-Furlcorp Systems.  Poverty and corrupt bureaucracy are the other two major components.  The corporation itself has a large contingent of high tech security guards under its payroll,  the pinkertons.   They almost never show up, and if they do you probably won't live through it.  So we won't focus on them.

Most of the corporations control is handled through the constabulary and the militia.  So who are these organizations?

The Constabulary
  These are the police,  more specifically these are the police of Vichy France.  They run the civic administration of settlements and are easily bribed.  The constabulary should be seen as petty, vindictive, cowardly and full of a false sense of self worth.  Firearms are tightly controlled and regulated, only given out on an as needed basis with proper licensing and registration.  This allows the constabulary to be even bigger petulant dicks.  Usually the side arm they carry is enough,  but they do have some bigger guns back at the station should the need arise.
"Papers Please"

The Militia
  The Corporation is required by law to ensure each planet is defended with a competent local self defence force in case the war should reach this area.   The armies of federated humanity are in glorious power armour and carry high powered lasers on their hover carriers. That would be expensive to manufacture and leave behind on each world.  The corporation had its lawyers redefine competent.   The militia is thus armed with weapons from old earth templates designed to be reliable and require little maintenance.   A large mix of Soviet cold war and WWII weapons are used by slackers and wannabe tyrants wearing the most effective armour their budget allows:  Green shirts.   The militia doesn't actually have any administrative power but they are outside the power of the constabulary, and they are much better armed.  Tensions between the two groups is pretty common.   To envision the militia,  picture the Latin American soviet backed forces from every 80's movie.
"You, nice watch, give it here. Don't you see this uniform?"

The Rebels
   This life is obviously harsh.  People rebel and that rebellion has been simmering for over 20 years, flaring up in locations.  Armed with either the scant civilian weapons or rugged designs made with hand tools in small hidden shacks.  They do have a presence in space,  but mostly in the realm of smuggling vessels.  They are looking to overthrow corporate ownership and create a new Marxist union.  The Viet Cong or the Chinese communist forces on the long march are good visual examples to look at.  They tend to be zealous,  merciless and incredibly single-minded.
"Not one step backward! Cowards are traitors to the cause! Forward!"

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