Monday, April 16, 2012

Legend of Grimrock

So I purchased "Legend of Grimrock" from and it has been well worth my $15.  Starting off with a few people naked in a dungeon,  reacting with awe and wonder at such treasures as "Rock" and "Knife".

It has a diablo vibe I have noticed, as you get deeper into the dungeon the architecture changes.  One thing that will be infuriating is figuring out what the game is capable of.  It often reminds me of old "type an action" RPG's like old Quest for Glory games.

This is cool in that often the solutions are really outside the box thinking,  figuring out you can do things you didn't think you could.  Also irritating,  because that outside the box thinking is also annoying at times (ie, you see a body in an crypt alcove with a helmet, but you can't take the helmet or beat someone with a femur as a club...but you should know that you put other things in alcoves :\).

There is also an "Old School" mode where you don't get a minimap and have to crack out a pencil and use graph paper. A note,  this can't be turned off if you select it.

Still, absolutely wonderful.

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