Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Journal of Abraham Nermal: Abraham's Big Score

The local gravedigger is prone to talk for a free meal and  drink..

So, with the end of the world about to doom us all I decided some creature comforts before the inevitable disembowelment and eternal torment would be pleasant.

I wandered down to the Rupert and purchased some treated leather sacks, old wineskins looks like. Had me a plan I stole fair and square from Stavros. Stavros is a nice fellow, be a real shame when I have to burn his corpse. He's a hero you see, and there aren't enough saints about to keep those types running for long. Left a note for Fredrick when he woke up, I had most of the letters down right so he'd be able to figure what was up. Froglings are smarter than most folk think.

So it was to be a quick in an out with a bunch of muscle and book types, the types who think they are smarter and better than ole Abraham since they know all the letters, and have symmetrical bodies. One of them was faerie touched, I could tell. Better than that cuckold that was roaming outside the walls earlier. They didn't give the place the fear it deserves, mocking me as I avoided the malice breathing from that place. They wanted to look into the hell mouth, I had half a mind to tell them the statue we stuffed down there had diamond eyes just to watch em pull it up..get eaten.

That's when I noticed, the vampyr bodies what was, was but dust and odd webs. I figured it was from burning their heads at the church, it tweren't.

We went to the rooms of statues, still with spikes in their eyes. I puts the bags over thar heads like Master Stavros said, tied em up real tight with twine. We did the ole one two and opened a coffin, chopped the head clean off what wuz inside. Fancy armour, fancy rings, fancy cross. Then the mage saw the light to our south. I hid, I hid beside the arch way as it crawled in. A horrid glowing orb, it hummed, hummed like my old master's machines and dials. I knew it was going to kill people, and Abraham wasn't about to start being people then. I waited for it to start floating by, moving at those stupid fighting types, trying to fight evil with bits of iron and wood. I grabbed the leg of the corpse and with a little Nightwick magic, tried to rush past it to the sunlight. I got a boot, didn't notice till i was hiding in the next room. It mangled folks right quick, ate the fairy folk lad, turned him to dust. Ate the corpse too, turned it to dust and webbing. Then it left as the others wailed and moaned in fear. No one else saw where it went, but Abraham did. Abraham knows it's secret, and Abraham won't be its next meal.

No time for wailing, we took the other bodies as the bags filled with some hideous gas. We fled quickly. It was a small fortune.

We were too greedy. We went back the next day, even old Abraham did something stupid, thought he was a hero. Thought maybe we didn't all need to die, thought we could stop the abbey being rebuilt by that horrid slime, those horrid vines. We dug up the roots, We hacked with with axes and holy water. Poor Frederick tried to set fire to it, breathed in the purple smoke. Nearly killed him. Almost dead he was. New hire was a doctor of some kind, got him breathing.

Was hiding at the tree line, looking to get some logs, keep the fire going. Saw the goblin horde, couldn't get away, me and the brainy westerner might have been meat. But they went to the burning pit, breathed the purple smoke as the others came to hide too.

This was Abraham's second mistake, decided if they weren't looking we could
knock em into the fire. Got half, there was too much smoke, didn't see other half. We all passed out, one guy died, fell in the fire. Threw in oil and lard before we slept, really made too much smoke. Maybe St. Deodat was looking out for me, keeping his boots safe. We managed to wake up with the Goblins gone.

No more fooling around. Went to see a smart man, only man with class in the area. I like his house, he's Abraham's kind of guy. Shame he isn't hiring. He confirmed we are doomed.

So we went back in, Abraham knew what to do. Find cultists, kill cultists, take their fancy cards and fancy coins.

Don't try to be a hero. Heroes die, and St. Deodat can't save them forever. Abraham will let others be heroes. Abraham will collect many boots.

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