Thursday, April 26, 2012

From Hell's Legion: The Bloodied One

"You have brought me the coins, good...goooood... hand them to me now."

"My,  what soft hands you have.  Would that I had a pair of gloves as soft as this"

Just on the edges of human civilization,  exists a dark parasite feeding off the greed and malevolence humanity seems to exude despite it's best efforts.  Lingering near demonic ruins one may find a robed figure, clad in the finest embroidered white silks.  The embroidery is of tiny red droplets, leading to the figures description as the bloodied one.

Should one remove the figure's cowl they would see it is clearly undead; a silvered skeleton and ruby eyes may suggest a Knight of Mammon,  but this is no sword wielding warrior.  Should this creature be enraged it will reveal its true form and unleash its 6 skeletal limbs in a flesh rending fury, or disgorge a massive swarm of golden mechanical bees from its maw.  The creature is rumoured to have been seen in command of Xvarts, often securing captives for unknown purposes.

No one knows exactly what the being wants,  only that it is a reluctant servant of Mammon at best and seems very interested in any strange coins or jewelry adventurers may possess.  Priests of Mammon will make 'Control Undead' attempts against the Bloodied one as if they were 3 levels higher. Slaying the creature seems to have no effect, it seems to simply reform by the next full moon.  The only known defense against the creature seems to be a coin of St.Philip,  the creature seems unable to harm a person carrying such a coin.

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