Saturday, April 28, 2012

From Hell's Legion: The Apes of Wrath

    The howling was getting closer,  but they didn't have time to pause as they moved through the burning forest, cedar twigs snapping against their soot covered faces.  The riot had started during the autumn dance and got out of hand when Tobias spilled his drink on Jedediah's shoes.  Somehow, a fire started in the rafters a few seconds after the first punch.  
     The riot and its accompanying fire had already spread to the church by the time the howling monstrosities clambered over the walls.  They attacked at random,  screeching howling beasts wielding weapons but biting faces and gouging eyes at the earliest opportunity.    Perhaps they could have been repulsed,  but everyone had been too busy settling old grudges and assigning blame to form a defense. 
     Now the two of them were the last remnants of the town, running through the woods. 'I had heard of beast's like these, a travelling adventurer told of the Barbary apes of the Moorish lands.' Jonah spoke in a barely audible whisper, his eyes glazed over as his mind focused back to the horror he had witnessed in his final minutes in the burning embers of his hometown. 'More like..Barbarian Apes! right Jonah?' Samson spoke with a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a slight grin.  Jonah did not turn around in time to see this however.  The sound of his grip tightening upon his shovel seemed to echo in a silence that didn't truly exist.  The screams of Samson were quickly drowned out by the howls of the fast approaching horde of apes.

The Apes of Wrath, a fast moving troupe of pure rage.  These demons often take the form of apes or baboons and roam about the country side as a small army, armed with melee weapons, an immunity to flames, and an utter lack of mercy.  This is surely an irritant to local nobles,  but not much worse than bandits.  The true danger with this troupe is the influence they exert on the denizens of their region.  Tempers tend to easily flair, simple bumps on the street can lead to fatal duels among aging grandmothers.  People's first reactions to strangers tends to be far worse than normal.  When violence breaks out,  fires seem to break out in tandem.  The combination leads to a death spiral among settlements.

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