Sunday, April 8, 2012

Familiar but not: GMing someone else's setting, with them as a player

So I am quite a fan of the ConstantCon that Zak spawned all those months ago, which now sits in the good hands of dozens of GM's.

I've had chances to be in many different settings:  from Urutsk, to Wessex, The Dark Country, Stonehell, Terruizeng and Agrivaina among others.

And one recent challenge I have tasked upon myself and several of the more gracious GM's have offered to help with,  is to GM the settings and games of other GM's for a one shot, with the GM in question playing in their own setting.

I have so far only had a chance to run through an adventure in "The Dark Country" with Evan from "In Places Deep" playing his famed wizard (From Wessex)  known as "Philip the Bloody".  The adventure bypassed 100% the dungeon/ruins I had built and ended up involving using gnome mercenaries to overthrow a petty feudal lord who was oppressing his people.  Only one PC died and very few gnomes were eaten. I may not have 100% captured the feel of the dark country.

It was a fun exercise to try to run a game in someone else's style,  forces you to stretch out your brain.  I still need to work on it,  but I am looking forward to trying again with some of the other GM's who have volunteered to let me destroy a small portion of their own works of art.

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