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Steam Powered Gnomish Death Mechs! (A minigame)

Here are the rules needed to play "Gnomish Death Mechs"

In Gnomish Death Mechs,  you play a small diminutive gnome: piloting a 15 foot tall steam powered robot suit, powered through hydraulics and spinning brass gears.

It requires a hex map (or a tape measure) and miniatures (of some sort) to play.

The main mechanical concern is the use of steam, and the conservation of ammunition.  

First,  The character sheet.

Draw the above.  This is a bare bones Gnomish Steam Robot.  Use your imagination.
Each large box covered with numbers is a hit location.  The numbers represent things at that location that will be broken in battle.  Most of them are empty and waiting for your to throw crap in there.  The numbers beside the items represent where on the limb they are.  When a location is hit you will roll a die and see what item number is the first one hit on the location (d6 for cockpit, d20 for torso, d12 for arms, d8 for legs) and start ticking off items based on how much damage is dealt.

The black numbers show the odds of hitting the location.  The attack roll will indicate both if you are hit and where.

Finally the boxes with the little flames by them are "Fire counters" they indicate how many flames are on a location.  Fire is bad.

So, what does everything do?

Note that an item must be in perfect working order or it does not function. If an item is hit you at the very least lose its benefit (unless otherwise stated) and often suffer other bad effects as well.

The Cockpit:

The Pilot:   This is you!  If your pilot is hit, you are hit! Game over.

Control Panel:  This whirling set of gears, levers, switches and bells controls the Gnomish Death Mech.  To control the mech you must use this item.  If it is destroyed you may only use the Mech if you roll a 5 or 6 on a d6 at the start of your turn.  Other actions still occur (for example steam will accumulate).

In the Torso:

Fuel: This is your coal and oil storage. This fuels your boiler, you may also use your control panel to force your fuel tank to "Supercharge" your boiler.  If you do so, roll a d6, on a 6 you gain +1 fire on your torso.  If the fuel is hit you must supercharge each turn and causes +1 fire immediately.

Reservoir: This is a pressure tank that can store steam between rounds.  The reservoir may hold 6 steam.  If this is hit, all stored steam is lost.

Boiler:  This is your main boiler! Don't lose it! Generates 2 steam per turn, or 4 steam if "Supercharged" this round.

The Arms and Legs:

Steam Lines:  If a Steam Line is hit, you may no longer power the limb.
Joints:  If a Joint is hit, the limb falls off.
Feet:  Feet are used to move.  The first steam powered into a foot gives a move of 1 square per working foot on the Death Mech.  To use a foot again in the same turn you must pay an additional steam for each time you have powered it (1 steam for the first use, 2 for second, 3 for third etc).  Note that you can power each foot independently. 

Lets get some more random crap to fill your mech with!
  Each Mech should start with 6 pieces of "Random Junk",  2 Random "Big Guns" and 2 chosen "Small Guns".   Each Mech has 4 weapons it may use,  2 weapons on the Torso and 1 on each Arm.  If a Mech has no "Big Gun" on an arm,  it may take a free "Hand".  Hands can attack in melee (Adjacent) to do 1d2 damage.

Random Junk  (roll 2d6)

2.) Hand Crafted Ornamental Brass Plating  (4 Dots)
 This bulky and lovingly crafted plating acts as armour, reducing every hit from a non-armour piercing weapon this location takes by 5 points, so long as it is in full working order. Only count the best armour a location has.

3.) Electric Subsystem (4 Dots)
 This bulky and primitive set of arcing coils and giant batteries provides backup control or power with the equivalent of two steam to its location (and only its location) should it be cut off from steam (a lost steam line, control panel, or boiler).

4-5.) Riveted-On Iron Sheeting (2 Dots)
 Made from the sweat of the ungrateful proletariat, this thin iron sheeting acts as descent armour that reduces the damage of every non-armour piercing hit this location receives by 3 points, so long as it is in full working order. Only count the best armour a location has.

6.) Turbo-Charger (1 dot)
 Produces +1 temporary steam (cannot be stored) so long as this location is still connected via steam lines to the boiler (or is in the torso with a working boiler).

7.) Pinewood Planks (1 dot)
 This assortment of Pinewood planks provides only the most basic of protection for the delicate cogs, gears and pistons of the machine,  reducing the impact of all non-armour piercing hits this location receives by 1 point of damage. Only count the best armour a location has.

8.) Mini-Reservoir (1 dot)
  This small tank and pressure gauge holds 1 steam.  This may power a limb after its steam lines are cut, at least until it runs out.

9-10) Schurzen (2 dots)
  This raised tin plating serves a vital purpose.  Whenever a limb with working schurzen is hit, the schurzen is always the first item hit. If there is multiple Schurzen, the target chooses which one is hit after damage is rolled.

11.) Bitchin Flames (1 dot)
  These most radical of flames drawn over the location give 1 re-roll (once per game) to the pilot of said bitchin Death Mech.

12.) Hand Crafted Ornamental Brass Plating  (4 Dots)
 This bulky and lovingly crafted plating acts as armour, reducing every hit from a non-armour piercing weapon this location takes by 5 points, so long as it is in full working order. Only count the best armour a location has.

Big Guns! 4 dots each

2.) Distintigrator!
   Damage:  d20
   Sound Effect: "Fweem"
   Steam Requirement: 4 steam
   Ammo: Unlimited-ish
   Special:   Runs out of ammo if doubles are rolled on the 2d6

3.) Rifled Falconet
     Damage: d8 Armour Piercing
     Sound Effect: "Boom" (Must follow up with "..Headshot" if cockpit is struck)
     Steam: 2 steam
     Ammo: Just one shot
     Special: May not move in the round it is fired.  Roll an extra d6 when firing, choose hit location from any two dice.

4-5) Firework Pod
       Damage: 2 per rocket
       Sound Effect: 1 "Pew" per rocket fired
       Steam: 1 steam
       Ammo: 9 rockets
       Special:  Fire as many rockets as you wish, roll 1 die +1 per rocket. Assign hits as desired,       noting you need at least two dice to hit with a rocket.  If the firework pod is hit before out of ammo, suffer 1d4 damage (bypassing armour).  May add rockets from other pods or small rockets.

6.) Repeater Musket
    Damage: 1d4 armour piercing
    Sound Effect: "Dakka Dakka"
    Steam: 1 steam per shot
    Ammo: 6 barrels
    Special:  May fire up to twice per round.

7.) Steam Driven Cho-Ko-Nu (Repeating Crossbow)
     Damage: 1d4
     Sound Effect: "Chunk Ka Chunk"
    Steam:  1 steam per shot
    Ammo: 20 bolts per clip, if it comes up you may spend a steam to reload a backup clip.
    Special: May fire up to twice per round

8.) Giant Rocket
     Damage: 1d12
     Sound Effect:  "Shoom!"
     Steam: 1 steam
     Ammo: 1 Rocket
     Special:  +2 to hit on doubles.  d6 damage if struck before out of ammo.

9.) Greek Fire Canister Launcher
     Damage: d4*
     Sound Effect: "Ptoing!"
     Steam: 2 steam
     Ammo: 3 Canisters
     Special:  Doesn't do damage, instead causes 1d4 fire on location.  If hit before out of ammo, suffer 1d4 fire to location.

OR  (your choice)

   Damage: d6 per steam used
   Sound Effect:  "Whrrrrrrrr!"
   Steam: Special
   Ammo: Unlimited
   Special:  Deals d6 damage per steam fed into the chainsaw, can only be used in melee and must be mounted on an arm.  Note that armour reduces damage per die.

10-11) Cannon
  Damage: d12 Armour Piercing
  Sound Effect: "KABOOM"
  Steam: 1
  Ammo: 1 shot
  Special:  Can be used as a club in melee (d6+1 damage)

12)  Handheld Weapon Or Pintle Mounted Weapon:
   Each weapon takes no 1 steam to use and requires a Hand to use.
   Giant Rapier:
    Melee Only
    1 Armour Piercing Damage (2 if you have a battery)
    Sound Effect "En Garde!"
    Special:  Re-roll damage location (ie, reroll d20 on torso)

   Repeater Pistol:
   Damage: d4 armour piercing
   Sound Effect:  "Bang Bang"
   Ammo: 4 shots
   Special: May take two shots per turn.

   Melee Only
   Damage: d4
   Special: This counts as armour on the arm holding the shield, reducing damage to that arm by 2 per die.  Also, A mech wielding a shield cannot be hit in melee unless his opponent rolls above 5 on an attack.

Pintle Mounted Weapon:  Choose a small weapon and mount it in the cockpit.  This weapon takes no steam to fire, but the pilot may not use the control panel any round he fires the pintle mounted weapon (ie, the pilot can't do anything else)

Small Weapons (1 dot)

 Damage: d4
  Sound Effect: "Thunk"
  Steam: 1
  Ammo: 10 shots
  Special:  Nothing

 Damage: d6 (with reroll)
  Sound Effect: "BLAMO"
  Steam: 1
  Ammo: 1 shot
  Special:  Nothing

Small Rocket:
 Damage: 2
 Sound Effect: "Pew"
 Steam: 0
 Ammo: 1 shot
 Special: May be added to a rocket barrage from another small rocket or from a Firework pod. If struck, suffer 1 damage.

  Damage: causes 1 fire
  Sound Effect: "Woosh!"
  Steam: 1
  Ammo: 6 shots
  Special: Melee only, on hit causes 1 fire.

So now what?  I have a Steam powered Gnomish Death Mech built, how do I kill things?

Well,  you know the gyst.  Each turn you get steam,  you spend that steam moving (see Feet) or powering and using weapons.

To fire a weapon at someone,  roll 2 sided dice (normally) and make a sound effect.  The 2 sided dice must equal or exceed the distance in hexes (or inches if using a tape measure) to the target or your miss.  Making the sound effect gives you +1 to your "to hit".  Note that +1 to the result does not change where the hit location is.  If I roll "4,4" and get +1,  I still hit the torso..not the arm.

Cover (if you use any) gives a bonus to how far away you count as.  If you are in "Light cover" you count as 1 inch/hex further away,  medium cover is 3 further and heavy cover is 5 further. Cover is ineffective in melee(adjacent).

The dice show which location I hit,  then I roll the die associated with that area (say a d20 for the torso) and roll damage.  I start knocking off items at that location.


I fire a crossbow and roll "4,4" and say "Thunk" at a target 6 hexes away in light cover.  This hits location 8 (the torso),  I roll a d20 and get a 16 (the second part of the fuel storage).  I then roll damage and get 3 -1 for the Pinewood planks on the opponent's torso. I do 2 damage. This damages the fuel (causing 1 fire) and damages the reservoir (letting out his built up steam).  Even though both still can take more damage,  they are no longer functioning.

When a limb is destroyed,  move future hits to the torso.  If the torso is destroyed, move future hits to the cockpit.

Fire damages the limb it is on.  At the end of a players turn, he takes 1 damage to a location for each point of fire on the location (ignoring armour),  starting with the lowest number.  Fire will eventually remove a limb.

That is really it.  Spend steam into feet to move,  spend steam on weapons to shoot.   Items that are damaged no longer function (even if only partially damaged, and even armour).  The only advantage is that partially damaged items are fixed between battles (should you choose to play multiple) and remember to loot the smoldering remains of your defeated enemies for more weapons, spare parts and the like.  You can't have additional starting items or starting hands.  While you could have 4 big  guns,  you can only have 4 weapons (other than a pintle mounted weapon or four).



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  1. Fun. Reminds me of the Junk game a bit. Could be anninteresting areana sport for tinker goblins