Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What I am working on now

Currently "done" and reviewing:

"Scenic Dunnsmouth" - a Horror Module
"Neoclassical Geek Revival: latest version" - made some additional tweaks, decided not to bloat the book with navel rules, when they would really be "showing how to use the existing rules for naval battles"

Still working on:
 -  Wilderness Encounter Table Book
 - "Mythic America" Setting

Considering adding to pile:
  Example "module" showcasing using Neoclassical Geek Revival for naval adventure.


  1. Navel rules would make me more likely to buy a copy.

    1. Any navel rules should be able to model Karolína Kurková.

      (Lame joke, sorry.)

      Though I actually would be interested in naval rules, and a module does sound like a good place for them. I've read most of the Master and Commander books and some naval history. The saltbox/wavecrawl/free trader thing is intriguing.

      Once, at a convention, I witnessed a guy's own ancient naval wargame rules at work. The ships looked like this except at a larger scale, so that marines were actual 15mm figures on the ships. It was a hoot for the players, though I didn't get a chance to play. It was called "Mare Nostrum", but the current game of that name is unrelated.

  2. I really like the idea of using a module to now how to use the naval rules. Nice.

  3. I like the sound of that first one.

    1. I've run it (assuming you mean Scenic Dunnsmouth) a few times on G+ and a few times in my local group, it seems to go over well with most folks.