Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some of the changes in the next version

So for the next release/printing of Neoclassical Geek Revival (probably some time in the summer) the current changes are being penned:

1.) Minor improvements and scaling changes to some of the class powers.  Engineering, Shield Use, Leadership and Psychic Potential are getting the biggest tweaks, Dogma may as well.  Engineering and Leadership may function differently.

2.) A better more integrated morale system that seems to be working

3.) Minor improvements (and a few more options) to stealth conflict

4.) A little more emphasis on terrain and traveling.

5.) A few minor changes to some miracle and spells (due to feedback)

6.) A little tweak to possession attempts,  with exorcism in play more, repulsing a demons attempt to possess you doesn't harm it, but if you can win the social conflict it can no longer attempt to possess you.  Exorcism is a little more useful at that point.

7.) A bit of a change to the stats used in social conflict,  just to spread them out a bit and standardize.

8.) I am attempting to reword damage to be a bit easier mechanically.

9.) Boats are briefly mentioned,  with explanation on how to use existing mechanics for them,  do people need more?

10.) Trim some spells and replace them as example versions of other templates (ie,  sleep as a version of blast that does stun damage),  to try to trim the fat a bit and keep page count down.

Anything else people have come across?


  1. The long term damage and poison section I just can't seem to understand. That could be reworked/rewritten as well.

  2. If you feel these improve one of my favourite systems, I'm all for it. :D

  3. Thanks Ian, I'll definitely take a look at that!