Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blight of the Khazars

So my Monday night ConstantCon game, the action has for now settled on a horrid little dungeon in Khazakstan.

A rumoured mythical dungeon full of riches and power beyond mans wildest dreams! various notable nobles, scoundrels, vikings and other adventurous sorts received notices of the location and trekked to the sleepy village of Adrabod, which is now overflowing not only adventurers but cheap Mongol warriors looking for loot and work. Rabbi Brooks has begun making a small fortune in donations as he offers aid and comfort to the injured, and that is before any delving had begun. The whole town has gotten in on the racket.

Adventuring parties trekked up river to the theoretical location of the fabled dungeon, to find an abandoned Mott and Bailey (apparently the last inhabitants there died of the plague decades ago) and a ruined hall or inn, and a small well. Parties began setting up camp and digging random holes, the vikings sealed themselves in the mott and bailey and taunted the outsiders.

Then on the eve of a full moon, a dwarf went down into the well and managed to pierce "something" metal with a spear, causing it to fire into the air and glow red. A beam of red light began flickering into the heavens through the well. That night the well spat out flames, and stairways into the underworld appeared under the shadow of disconcerting statues.

Needless to say everyone rushed inside the various stairways to get the best loot. When they crawled out, over a dozen religious pilgrims were dead, several Mamluk warriors, Mongol hirelings and every last viking raider. At day break the dungeon disappeared.

Also extracted were piles of gold, dancing girls, statues of marble and fabulous silks. The next night, more are waiting to see if the dungeon reappears..the sages say it should appear all year, then disappear for another thousand. They also said it would appear 4 days later than it did though, so what do they know.

Monday at 6pm EST, FLAILSNAILS welcome.

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