Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Casino Dice VS Gaming Dice

From AwesomeDice:

The gyst being the completely different method used to make the two types of dice, and I began to wonder if there is a market for precision made gaming dice.  I do like the crisp corners of Vegas dice sometimes.


  1. You know that this is Lou Zocchi's pitch on his "precision" dice, right?

  2. Ya to echo the comment above Game Science dice has been doing just that for years actually ... ... nice sets available at affordable prices. Though I don't know if they do bricks of D6s ... I don't think they do.

  3. I actually own a few bricks of them and really like how they roll. Being from Vegas originally ... I literally have bags and bags of casino dice (probably 200-300) that for any system involving D6s ... I'm rolling casino dice. They really do roll randomly, I have 5 pounds of Chessex "pound-o-dice" so its like a little pirate chest full of dice ... and I never roll those D6s. I use my game science dice for most RPGing ... but honestly I will use my chessex sometimes too. Though those I mostly reserve as guest dice.