Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Neoclassical Geek Revival will soon be available upon RPG Now

Sometime in the next few days PDF copies of Neoclassical Geek Revival will be available for $4 from RPGNOW.  Note however I still will be giving them out for free to anyone who actually emails me,  but putting it on RPGNOW does give me access to a larger audience.

Why don't I put it up there for free then?  More people will download it if I charge money.  I noticed Neoclassical Geek Revival (despite being free if you just email me and agreed not to pass it around) was available on torrent sites.   So I made a tweak and put a copy available on torrents,  it looks like it has gone around about 600 times that I can track.   Much more than when it was free to download from Pen and Paper games.

So,  if people are too lazy to just email me and say "Hi, I would like a complimentary copy!" or just want to throw $4 minus royalties my way,  you can soon get a copy from RPGNOW.   Note I am not allowing print on demand copies to be made, I am still very particular about quality.


  1. Great news. Will you be putting information on where to send email out soon?

  2. Hey Wymarc, click the picture of the hippogriff mounted knight lancing the dragon and it will bring you to the page with that info.

  3. I am really not all that stupid but I can't find it. If you are talking about on your Blogger Profile it is not there.

  4. Hello Wymarc,

    Its nestled in the third paragraph:

    *If you wish a copy, please post a comment here and email me at liberinterdico (from google's mail provider). When I receive your email I will immediately send you a PDF, whether or not enough interest for a second printing occurs.*

    I don't put a proper email link to avoid spammers.

  5. Note, if you're considering buying one I think my copy is one of the most beautiful game books I've owned. It looks like a classic folio reissue complete with ribbon book mark.

    As for the game itself, I like a lot of the ideas. I'm pretty much stealing the experience system for my RC/DD games. I'm looking forward to giving the full rules a run.