Wednesday, December 14, 2011

List of things to tweak for the next version

So as I plod away on other projects,

I was wondering if anyone who has gotten a copy of Neoclassical Geek Revival, or played a few games has any suggestions for things to change,  typos to fix or rules to clarify?

1.) Better morale rules
2.) ?
3.) Profit!

anything else?


  1. I haven't read through it in depth yet, but one thing I wouldn't change is your voice throughout the text; it adds a little to the rules :)

  2. One thing that I do like, and am considering using in my next campaign, is the character generation as part of the first session; especially the 'pie' pieces of the classes.

  3. I'm reading now, I'll provide a review when I'm done. I have noticed a few things that I wondered about, that I assume had a deliberate purpose that I may not be seeing.