Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Printing: First Thoughts

So the book binding is still top notch, if anything slightly better as the printer I went to this time was able to properly align the grain of the paper.  The paper is the same type as I had previously used before, however I have noticed a watermark on a few pages,  that irks me and I'll have to talk to the printer to see if that can be avoided in the future or I may look for yet another printer.  It is only noticeable if you hold the specific and random page up to a light source,  but I still don't just accept flaws in something I make.

I will be sending out an email today confirming interest,  if you are still interested reply with your address.  Cost will still be materials and shipping ($40),  but if you live outside of Canada and you have any weird customs fees I haven't a clue how that will impact you, though I haven't heard any complaints yet.

This is the "Lion Printing", and all copies will also have the Unofficial Games Lion Heraldry stamped in gold on the front.  I don't want to get into edition numbering so how about edition stampings?


  1. I'm interested, how much would it be with shipping to Europe?

    filip DOT stojak AT gmail DOT com

  2. Sounds good...U.S. shipping or contact details?

  3. Just a note if this is your first time expressing interest, fire me an email to liberinterdico from googles mail provider.

  4. I like the stamp idea. Very cool.

  5. I never received the initial email although you emailed me a PDF last month. I am interested in this printed and emailed last Thursday.

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