Friday, November 11, 2011

The Dictionary of Mythology by J.A. Coleman

The Dictionary of Mythology is a massive and lengthy tome containing a giant listing of entries on pretty much every mythological creature you can think of (and tonnes more you can't) over the span of 1200 pages, with dictionary sized entries.

This is a great GM tool for a sandbox game.  If you are trying to fill some hexes and don't want the same old same old,  you can  get a good randomized (a few d10's works well enough) and bam:

Fang Chang:  one of the three islands of the blessed
Hereshguina:  an evil spirit of the Winnebago.  In some accounts this spirit is equated with Wakdjunkaga
Nuye: a mythical bird.  This bird is said to have monkey's head on the body of a dog, the feet of a tiger and a tail like a snake.  Eating its flesh is said to cure hiccups.

Well,  that should be enough to craft something cool in the region.

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