Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ConstantCon update

ConstantCon games are still going along strong,  the party has currently decided to leave the werewolf infested forests and dragon haunted mountains of Norway and booked passage on a raiding party heading to Ireland.  Where they were dropped off on a desolate beach, causing them to walk inland to the small backwater village of Corroc,  ruled by a local "king".

Meeting up with a wizard from Wessex they decided to look into some local issues in exchange for gold and favours from the local lord.  They managed to ambush a massive, green, sabre tooth tiger that was plaguing the lord's hunting preserve and causing much distress.  This mystical creature seemed to be some sort of nature spirit set loose on the king,  so they captured it and gave it to a secret druidic cult.  Assuming this couldn't end badly,  they asked the druidic cult for help in dealing with the black knight and his band of demon worshippers and witches.   They shared their magical knowledge of summoning swarms of angry bee's,  but demanded that the Juju tree not be destroyed, but rather be preserved.

The party seems to be caught in a three way fight between the old faith of Titania, the church of Spartacus and demonic worshippers of Baphomet.  And the party seemed split on who they should back..

Then again in a month they hop on board with a passing Roma caravan and head to a port city, before going on to Rome.

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  1. I think we handled the 'Old Faith' and Spartican split well, given that both groups found an enemy in the Baphomet baddies.