Thursday, October 13, 2011

Platforms and Modules

So,  I was reading Zak this morning,  and through his site was linked to a rant from a
Google employee about the nature of platforms versus products.   Being a developer by trade the rant itself was interesting insight into Google internal politics, and in my personal opinion spot on the money.   But Zak applying this to RPG's is also a great read.

In my own interpretation of "Platform" vs "Product" in regards to RPG's I see this as the difference between "System" and "Setting", though others may disagree.   A setting free system is a good platform,  but if it is ever going to take off it does need a "killer app", of a good setting.

At this point you may be asking:  "How can Zzarchov turn this post into something about him?"  Well here we go: Neoclassical Geek Revival is designed as a platform,  one that is meant to be hacked and used piecemeal.  It is meant to integrate easily into whatever house rules , OSR clone, or d20 product you already use.  It is extremely explicit about this in its foreword.

What it needs is a second book, a setting,  to function as a "killer app".  I am just not as interested in building a setting as I am a system however,  the nature of my own creativity.  I like my own home setting,  but writing it out doesn't seem particularly fun nor would it really be a huge interest.   That said I do have a setting I have been thinking on for some time,  maybe I should make it.


  1. Will you be farming out Settings to other creators for use with NGR?

  2. Sure, in that I have no beef with people creating settings for the system. I may have beef with the setting in particular (ie, a FATAL setting), but that is a different matter.

  3. Will you require the same high standards in any physical product of a setting?