Friday, October 14, 2011

Lovecraftian Horror: Its not tentacles, its not malice from beyond space and time

This comic is the best example of what Lovecraftian Horror is to me when I read it.

  I am quite serious about this. Reading the Mountains of Madness, reading the Shadows out of Time it becomes evident. The great horror is simply that things will go on. Mankind isn't that important. Like the Elder Things before man, sooner or later they will fall and eventually be but a faded memory before no trace they ever existed will remain. Likewise man's fate is also certain, be it in a million years or tomorrow, mankind will fall and be forgotten and erased. Then the Beetlemen will one day rise up after we are gone, only to likewise be replaced by the Yith. At least the Beetlemen were important to the Yith, a race that will last. We as humanity, just don't matter. Life will go on. That is lovecraftian horror, not adding "MOAR TENTACLES", not having people go insane from dark truths, not ancient cults or dark books or malignant spirits. The ancient and terrible truth is humanity doesn't matter, if the entities were malignant that would imply we mattered enough to make someone hate us. We are the jellyfish from the anecdotes of a certain psychic gorilla, too certain in our self worth to see the writing on the wall.


  1. Quite right. Thouh insignificance isn't necessarily horrorific, it is what Lovecraft was driving more. Tentacles can just as easily be converted to a plush toy.

  2. I concur. To say more would be to overstate.

  3. The most terrifying book I've ever read is Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome- talk about a depiction of an uncaring universe!