Thursday, October 13, 2011

Directing the mob: Large scale social conflict

So recently in both my home game (for the purpose of religious conversion) and in my Monday ConstantCon game (for the purpose of having an angry mob solve the zombie/cultist problem for the PC's),  there has come the issue of getting a mob of people to agree with the PC's viewpoint through social conflict mechanics.

I tested two different approaches.  In the PC game,   I had designated a set number of ringleaders based on the  size of the mob (in this case 10 individuals),   and the character had to defeat ten 0-level characters in social conflict at once.   In the second instance (the ConstantCon game) I mirrored the "size modifier" used in combat by monsters and made "the mob" a single entity with a size modifier of 10  (ie, it "suffered" 1/10th influence and dealt 10x "influence")  this made the mob hard to influence and easy to anger.

Looking at how both panned out,  I gotta say I like the single "entity" better for a large mob,  with any charismatic ringleaders handled separately.  More tests are needed but this may end up being a permanent change.

Also note:  Leading an angry mob to deal with the villains on your behalf is hilarious, especially if the mob breaks and scatters due to a rampaging grizzly bear after wiping out the cultists.  Just be sure to sneak out of town before they blame you for the tragedy.

Be sure to join in on the next ConstantCon game,   Monday nights at 6pm eastern time,  Midnight in Berlin.

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  1. Once we demonstrated that knife-wielding glowing bears were going to steal their children's meals right out from under their snotty noses (let alone impact the flow of liquor and ale), the reasonable townsfolk of whatsit were more than eager to solve the problem we had pointed out. That they managed to clear out a den of fungal cultists all by their lonesome should make the few survivors very proud.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :D