Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I don't like coffee

I came to this unfortunate conclusion a while ago.  I just don't like coffee.   Now this may seem odd,  I used to think I loved coffee.   I drink 8 to 10 cups a day, I am drinking a large coffee right now..THIS VERY SECOND.   But I dislike coffee.

I realised this because I now have access to a far wider range of coffee's and I notice I do not like "bold" coffee's,  I tend to gravitate to mild flavoured coffees.  I don't like my coffee to taste like coffee...I want it to taste like something else.  I should have realised earlier since I like to add cream and sugar to my regular donut shop coffee.  I like everything about drinking coffee: the routine, the warmth, the caffeine, the cream and sugar, everything except the actual coffee.

You may have noticed this is tagged as game design at this point and start to wonder why.  The fact is that this very much describes my relationship with AD&D.  I love playing AD&D,  I just don't like AD&D.  I feel the constant need to improve upon the "flavour",  be it less bold blends, cream and sugar or even flavour shots.  I love everything about the game other than the game itself.

So,  with your own house rules:  How much of it is the fact that despite being an avid coffee drinker (and hell or high water you aren't going to stop drinking coffee),  you just don't care for the taste of coffee?


  1. I love coffee. But my relationship with D&D is the same as yours. Loved the play, loved the interactions between my friends the players, hated it whenever I butted against a rule that ran contrary to the way I thought things should go. :)

    My first game designs were motivated by my growing dissatisfaction with D&D. They were lacking in a lot of things. But as my motivation for game design became more positive, more oriented toward 'what style of play do I want from my players' rather than 'how do I do x better than D&D,' my games became more playable.

    I'll still join games of D&D or AD&D as a player, but I'd rather GM using my own system, simply because it's made for the way I run my games. :)

  2. I take my coffe black on most days. These days I prefer Labylinth Lord to AD&D. LL is sort of the decafe version of AD&D.