Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Foreword

So,  I have had some fun gaming with various people out in the interblogs and running some Neoclassical Geek Revival games,  so I thought I would take a moment to handle some questions about how the game works.  I can then post the sections and spend time discussing them.  So please feel free to post questions here, through email or on G+.

From Neoclassical Geek Revival:

Hello reader, and welcome to Neoclassical Geek Revival (NGR). NGR is a
fantasy heartbreaker RPG; it does what you would expect out of a traditional fantasy roleplaying
game. While NGR will work as a complete game I have no doubt it will rarely
be played as such; This game is designed expecting that you will most likely see things in
this game you would like to remove and plug into your own game rather than playing it
whole cloth.
This game is designed to simulate low magic fantasy, but most mechanics are
equally at home in a science fiction, action or post-apocalyptic game. The rules are
designed to be as setting neutral as possible while solving commonly held gripes and bad
tropes. In the writing of this game I used the following as guiding principles:
1.) Funny dice are fun on their own merits
2.) Choices to make are better than problems to solve
3.) You are already familiar with role playing games
4.) You are not looking for gritty realism, but do enjoy the presence of the ‘fourth wall’
5.) Gaming is meant to be entertainment

Where to Look
This book is (rightly or wrongly) laid out in the order you would require it during
a game. Basic mechanics up front, followed by rules for character creations,
adventuring, rewards and finally the end of the game night awards and rules for character
death and retirement.

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