Monday, September 12, 2011

Calculate your own damn XP

One thing that struck me at my home game over the weekend was that I was holding onto a little bit of tradition that no longer really was needed.  I was still "handing out the XP".  

Back in the day,  when I ran a D&D game this was rather necessary as each monster had their own really unique XP value.  Not to mention how to handle XP for unknown magic items and the like.

Neoclassical Geek Revival doesn't work that.  XP is pretty easy to chug through.

 - XP for travelling through harsh terrain? A simple block per week and the players know exactly how dangerous the terrain is (they had to make the roll to suffer injuries while travelling!)

 - XP for reaching locations?  This is lump sum based on how unknown and mysterious the area is.  This is a fairly easy lump to hand out and if there is any real debate they can ask or work out consensus.

- Monster's give XP based on their notoriety normally, if there is real question over if this is a local menace or a regional terror they can ask,  but they probably knew before they hunted it down. (THE monster is worth more XP than A monster).

- XP for defeating a character?  10%  of opponent's XP if killed, 25% if captured.  If they don't know the level they can ask and they would find out pretty quickly either way once they get the XP for them.

Etc Etc,

Granting XP from on-high is an old tradition but I am thinking it may be time to let the players just calculate it themselves based on their actions.  If they forget something they did that was worth XP (and they aren't new to the game) then it obviously didn't matter to them.

Anyone else out there let players calculate their own XP or am I just becoming a lazy GM?

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  1. It is an interesting proposition, but I think it may require something else (a pre-game review of the sheets or some other GM input stage) to make the process more concrete.

    I realise the player assumptions about such 'power' can be tweaked, but it may need a hard rule to help it in that direction.

    Perhaps a simple procedure or flow-chart, possibly even with a roll at each juncture, making it a mini-game in the way that your Awesomeness and XP process was handled, but so that each Player goes through it.