Sunday, August 28, 2011

URUTSK - Get it and you'll get it

So one of the blogs I have always had fun reading is Timeshadow's blog "The Grand Tapestry". It has featured fairly heavily a game and setting "URUTSK: World of Mystery". Many of you who read me no doubt also read her blog.

Perhaps also like me you had always been a little confused about the nature of her game. I would read her posts and get bits of understanding about specific mechanics, and little "factoids" about her setting.. but the term "World of Mystery" was pretty apt. I couldn't quite get my head around the entire setting. It had a very Tekumel vibe to me, not in the specific's (I've never played Tekumel) but in the familiar story about how daunting it appears to jump into said setting.

She has recently been running G+ games and was kind enough to send me a little info packet and listen in to a game in progress. After reading the sampler in full and then actually listening to the game play it finally clicked. Many of the finer setting points still elude me, but not to a point I wouldn't be able to play.

If there is anyone else who was like me that just couldn't quite plug the pieces and mechanics together I would suggest the following analogy of the feeling I got. Still some Tekumel for the level of detail and depth of the setting, but throw in the vibe you get from some Planet of the Apes, Plymouth Rock and Cadillac and Dinosaurs, mixed with a hefty dose of hard sci-fi. I would not describe it in any way as a "Gonzo" setting, though I have no doubt you could run it as such. If you did run it as a "Gonzo" setting like Thundarr I think you would lose a lot from it. Listening to it played straight was pretty inspiring, all of the little touches (like naming) really bring it together as a very immersive setting.

If you get the opportunity to play in a game I would highly recommend it.

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  1. "Planet of the Apes, Plymouth Rock and Cadillac and Dinosaurs, mixed with a hefty dose of hard sci-fi."

    Thank you very much for that recipe. I think it is an accurate flavour profile.

    As an aside, I was telling folks about the Awesomness procedure in your wonderful Neoclassical Geek Revival, and it was a big hit.

    Look for my review of NGR after this weeks session.
    --Cyberin is very much looking forward to entering the African Elven dome-city with Joseph Konrad. :D