Monday, August 15, 2011

Its arriving at peoples homes now!

So first off I want to warn anyone who still hasn't gotten their copy, that this post is full of spoilers that may ruin the excitement of you receiving your book. Stop reading now if you want the surprise.

So, Time for Spoilers!

So at long last Piecemeal has been released. Its fully functional and edited, formatted and all the rest as best as a one man show can work it. As such it was time to drop its working title of "Piecemeal".

Please welcome "Neoclassical Geek Revival"! Shown below in a glorious action shot!

Because I am going to be honest here. It is probably going to just sit on your gaming shelf, and I am cool with that. I just want it to look as damn nice on your gaming shelf as possible, here are a few more shots.

I want to note why I decided to go with the physical construction I did. This is an heirloom quality book. This is gold stamped tanotex hardcover. Each copy has a silk ribbon and banding to act as bookmark. There is no colour in the book, it is purely gray scale. The artwork inside only acts as title pages and contains classic works. I did not choose Public Domain work because it was free, I picked them because they evoked a timeless image (at least to me) that went with the gaming I like. There are works from Dorre, Waterhouse, Rackham, DaVinci, and others among the artwork. The pages themselves are printed on a sturdy linen, both the durability and because of the tactile feel. Quite frankly I wanted something nice for a book, not just nice for an RPG.

This is a book that will hold up through the years, and will look great doing so. If you are going to buy another game to just sit on your shelf: buy a game that will look GOOD on your shelf.

I also went with this aesthetic because I have the style of my grandparents. I like styles that have proven themselves through more than one generation and look just as impressive now as then. RPG books (as the OSR community can attest) will be kept and used for decades, I didn't want something that would look tacky 10 years from now when art styles change. When I partake in "Read an RPG book in public week" I want to hold a book that oozes class. I want to hold a book that looks like I am a self-absorbed philosopher out to impress gullible university students. Not because I am actually smarter or better than anyone, but because I want to show absolutely without a doubt, that this is not just a child's game. This to me is a book that says "I don't care how dorky you thought this was in High School, this is an adult hobby played by successful professionals, war heroes, mothers, fathers, grandparents and a whole pile of other pillars of the community and they are allowed to have nice things".

Is this secret gamer shame or wrath? Probably, but bite me. There is a very large portion of the population that see's RPG players as these guys and it impacts peoples careers and livelihoods when they get pigeonholed into these false stereotypes. If you think I am really out to lunch, wander over to the escapist and tell him to pack it up since his work is done.

In the mean time I feel I have at least done my part, I have made a book that if nothing else looks nice. Other people have made games available in nice professional bindings like this before, this isn't groundbreaking. What I am doing however is ONLY releasing Neoclassical Geek Revival in this style. There will be PDF's, released with the incredibly impossible to police requirement that you not make a hard copy. For physical releases of this book, I intend only to have high quality books made.

I guess I am just elitist.

Here is one last shot for scale!


  1. This looks great! I'm a little late to this though. Is the game based on Basic D&D?
    And plus, do you have any more copies left for purchase.
    Again, I apologize. I have not read through every post.

  2. Hello Nemo,

    It is similar enough to Basic D&D to rip rules out of this and plug them into your home game without any trouble. The working progress name was "Piecemeal" because I fully realize that few people are going to replace their house ruled home game for a new system. So this system is designed for you to rip out the bits you want and plug them into your game. It also works as a standalone game quite well.

    There are currently 3 copies remaining from the initial bulk order. The cost per unit is about $28CDN in materials, I am not out to make profit so that is just the cost to make one. Costs to ship it to you are usually around $15CDN.

    If more people (at least 15) ask for a copy I will print up another batch. More would be better to get prices down per unit, but if there is at least 15 I'd be willing to eat the difference personally and do up another batch for the listed costs above.

    If for some reason this becomes a huge hit and I sell enough to really drive down the cost per unit, I will take the leftover cash in a wad of bills and shove it in the nearest Tim Horton's Camp Foundation charity box. This is not a business venture for me.

  3. To be honest, I'm a sucker for rare books. How much more rare could this be?
    The more I read about this, the more fascinated I become. It looks fun.
    Do you have a copy to sell?
    I may have to wait until next payday.

  4. Well sir then you are in luck. There are currently 3 remaining 0 edition books.

    Any future printings (as promised those who bought the initial order) will be stamped with the lion crest on the cover to differentiate them from the original release.

    Shoot me an email if you are looking for a copy
    liber interdico at googles mayl dawt calm.

    Note that shipping can vary wildly depending on where you are (ie, if you are at an antarctic research station it may be more than listed)

  5. also: I have no idea if there will be enough interest for future printings.

  6. Pretty wild. :)
    --I'm extra excited now. :)