Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who else wants a hard cover copy?

So the cost per book will be somewhere around $25-30 bucks a pop with my first printing. This will cover everyone who has contacted me already with a few extra copies for me. However if anyone else would like a copy I will ensure you have one at cost + shipping. I am not looking to turn a buck here. If a bunch more orders come in it may drop the price per book down, though I honestly have no idea what kind of demand there really is beyond what I have already budgeted for.

If there is demand for copies of the book after the fact it will be delayed until I can get at least 11 orders in one go (minimum order size to get the best realistic price). If you have serious interest in paying $25-$30 for a book with probably another $8-$10 for shipping: let me know ASAP. All I can promise you with the book is that I love using it, and I am designing it to be a piece of art.

You may notice I am not making a very hard sell, that is largely because when I count in time to get get it printed, mailed off etc., I am taking a loss per book. But I do think you will truly enjoy owning a copy if you do use many of the rules you have found with this site over the years.

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