Thursday, July 28, 2011

A twist on Ghosts

From Full Frontal Nerdity

But I have a twist on Ghosts,

What if a Ghost doesn't want you to solve it's great unfinished task? Be that its murder or some other crime. What if it LIKES eternal undeath? What if it doesn't want to account for its crimes in life and is pretty happy marauding the town in death.

Perhaps its unstoppable unless you can find and kill the ghost's murderer? The ghost will hinder you because it wants to continue existing and the murderer wants to hinder you because they don't want to die.

But the townsfolk? They sure are in a panic what with the ghost causing a trail of carnage. You'll first have to investigate who the ghost was, then find out who killed them, find said person and take them down. All the while both the ghost is trying to possess your body and a living person is out to kill you.

Just a thought..

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  1. Zz, This was a neat post, and it got me thinking along very Wild West themes as I read it.

    In the Urutsk universe, the dead and departed can be murdered in the afterlife, creating spiritual revenants that are eternally searching for their killer (likely a dead spirit) that they cannot interact with to free themselves. They seek out Material parties to act on their behalf.

    I'm pretty excited to read your game.
    --Neat ideas in that noggen. :D