Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Start a business or not?

So very soon I will be putting out a hard cover copy of Piecemeal. I am not interested in doing this for profit, honestly I could just pick up an extra contract to make more in a weekend than I could ever hope to make with a fantasy heartbreaker.
However I also do wish to make it possible for those who wish a copy to purchase one (including subsequent small printings) to do so. This would require the ability for one to be able to send me money to cover the cost of printing and shipping. I really don't want any extra paperwork than needed (I am not looking to make a profit here) so keeping really detailed accounting records is a headache. I also don't want to use a PoD service like Lulu because I am making this as a piece of art, thus I want to really strongly control how it is printed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a low key way to handle this? I am Canadian if that matters.


  1. If you're not intending to use this to profit from, if you truly have no intent to run it like a business that you're dependent upon, then don't.

    You've stated two objectives:
    1) Ensure that Piecemeal is available.
    2) Be able to receive payment to cover printing & shipping costs.

    With such simple goals, all you need is a web site for people to order from and a paypal or google checkout "buy this" button to receive the funds. ship it via Canada Post or FedEx and that should cover your stated requirements.

    Since you won't be making any money on this, your legal requirements are minimal. As a Canadian, so long as you don't realize more than $5000 in profit per year you won't even need to claim it on your income taxes.

    Whip up a quick spreadsheet to track your expenses so that you're able to

  2. (sorry, accidentally hit "post" during preview)

    Whip up a quick spreadsheet to track your expenses so that you're able to set a purchase price that covers your costs and you're done.

    The only other consideration would be if you're concerned about copyright. Then there would be considerable expenses to properly register with the government.