Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moving away from an electronic format

For quite some time, years, I have been publishing piecemeal in an electronic application. This has been due to convenience for use with online games, and the presence of laptops and netbooks at the game table. For my own personal use its been a great success.

However, as technology advancing told me "don't go with a print edition" and "a pdf is not a printed book" so too must I now reverse that decision. I knew this point was coming with Kindles, iPads and other tablets, but what really got me was the Kobo. In the Piecemeal executable I have used black background and a lighter text, since a computer monitor is not a piece of paper. White is blinding as a background. The Kobo's greatest feature however is its ability to change that, they have found a way to make black text on a dull background look like paper. The lighting on the darn thing is perfect, I didn't believe it was one when I first saw it.

And as these things get cheaper and cheaper(the cost of a gaming book itself), I must look at making an e-reader compatible version. When I have that, I will probably make a few print copies as well for the hell of it.

One thing I am learning from this is the amount of "dust bunnies" that have been accumulating throughout the rules. References to things now removed in far flung corners, things I immediately see are clunky and need fixing. I also am remembering how much layout sucks on a pdf or other "page based" system with limits of what fits on a page, of fitting in artwork and the limitations of word 2000 (I don't upgrade some things very often). This is not something I am experienced with at all and I will have to learn a lot of new skills as I go.

So the next release of Piecemeal may be awhile, but I am determined to make it e-reader suitable. I would like to thank Tim over at Gothridge Manor for his help and advice thus far.

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  1. Can't wait. I quite like what Greg Christopher did with his PDF module. Hyperlinking offers another huge advantage to electronic media.

    But, I love my Vornheim because it is a physical book....