Friday, July 1, 2011

The Morale System: Leadership and Fervor

One of the other changes made in the latest version is to the two morale related bard and priest powers. More or less their original attempt to make morale more important was ditched and they were rewrote to give a new benefit.

Why? Because I could not get a non-clunky morale system and because players therefore never really got involved in big combats where morale was important. So rather than have two big "Coming Soon!" useless powers I went with more traditional abilities.

The bard's leadership is passing the muster as a kind of "synergy" ability, letting the bard use skills of his followers to give a bonus to his rolls. Not amazing, but strongly useful.

Fervor may be changed again, right now it is adding a fairly high defensive bonus to presence while the priest is nearby. This one of those powers that benefit the whole party so I can see it growing on people as "Reputation" has for bards. Tweaking and better wording to deal with weird cases will be the majority of the changes made.

I do need to find an integrated morale system though, one that uses the same mechanics already in use. To elaborate: I don't want a mechanical quirk where if looking at how they otherwise perform a character should be a great leader, but instead sucks because morale is its own mini-game so to speak.

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