Monday, July 4, 2011

Magic Mirrors - Who are you really?

And now for something completely different:

The newest game I am running has begun with an idyllic valley secluded in the mountains, home to a community of the Amish. These Amish folks retreated here 120 years ago and collapsed the mountain path behind them to avoid an apocalypse. This meant everyone had to play a human (this is a fantasy game).

However I didn't want to straight jacket everyone, combined with I am a jackass. As the valiant heroes explored an elven ruin they came across a room full of mirrors. Now every player knew this was a shitty idea, however: every player also gets rewarded for taking extra risk for style and adhering to trope. This is the benefit of the fate system. But, on to that later.

As they looked into the mirror I asked them a set of questions:

Is your character a red head?
Does your character have green eyes?
Is your character a twin?
What is your character's Magic score modifier?
Does your character have any weird physical quirks?
Does your character have any unique traits (worth 2 points)?

I added up the totals for each person and had them draw from a deck of playing cards, one at a time until they reached a face card (J,Q,K, Joker) or the total number of cards.

If they drew a face card, I checked the list. They were secretly a changeling and upon looking into the mirror they saw their true elven form.

KD: Astral Being
QD: Trickster
JD: Pixie
KS: Troll
QS: Hag
JS: Goblin
KH: Forest Lord
QH: Dryad
JH: Nymph
KC: Ifrit
QC: Marid
JC: Djini
Joker: You are just an illusion, you were never real. If anyone ever stops paying attention to you,or if you are ever alone, you disappear forever.

Two of the players ended up being a elf, one an Ifrit (two cards drawn) and one a Nymph(a single card drawn). But one character, who had to draw 6 cards? nothing.

It was a neat gimmick.

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