Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Looking for paid playtesters

Hey there! Are you looking to make a pittance? Sure you are! who doesn't want to use up large amounts of their leisure time on my behalf to acquire an amount of money named after the root word of "pitiful".

I am looking to get a few groups of gamers to give Piecemeal a try as written and report back on what was broken, what was missing and what plain doesn't make sense. If you are interested, and can wrangle a group of players together, please let me know. entire pittance could be yours..all yours!


  1. My group would be interested in helping out with the playtest. We are a very diverse group and have some experience in the gaming industry ( mainly the art/design side ) No pittance necessary.

  2. Hello dogrodeo,

    Please email me at liberinterdico and then the google mail period com. Thank you for your interest.