Monday, June 13, 2011

Give a man a fish VS teaching a man to fish

Unfortunately I do not have as much to post lately as some game design blogs, part of that no doubt is the way I approach game design, and what I choose to write about. While I love reading about this subject, I don't want to give people fish. I want to give people new ways of fishing.

This means that I won't give people a bunch of tables for interesting events, frankly other people can do that far better than I tend to. Gothridge manner recently had a very evocative post on the crossroads (which I will probably use in an upcoming game, I love crossroad lore). I prefer to write a new way to make tables in the first place, or I would if Zak S. hadn't 100% outshone me with his brilliant Vornheim book. Whatever your take on the content might be the mechanical concept is brilliant to me.

But I do wish to assure you I am not dead. I am merely tinkering with a few different mechanical concepts, trying to build a better mousetrap rather than showcase examples of dead mice. Because there are better showmen around with better dead mice to show.

Though I shall re-post some of the greater hits I think this month, hopefully I may yet have some useful surprises ahead.

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