Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NPC for Free:

In my weekly game I spit out many memorable, and many less than memorable, characters. Some of these are generic enough that you can plunk them into many campaigns. Below is such a character.

On the outskirts of a small fishing village, lies a small sod-roofed cottage. A clay chimney lazily puffs out small amounts of smoke through the roof as a withered old lady draws open the curtains in the lone window, a luxurious pane of glass in this small hovel.

Should any character be able to detect magic, this building will radiate it. If the players approach its rickety wooden door they will have to move through a wild and impromptu herb garden and step over a dead mouse on the doorway. The old woman who answers the door will answer in long rambling, senile manner that seems to go nowhere.

Should the players convince the old lady to allow them in they will see the inside of the hovel. The floor is all sand and the walls are littered with shelves, covered with jars and boxes full of unusual spices, dead animals and knick knacks. The ceiling is covered with hanging boughs of dried herbs. The old lady sleeps on a pile of hay on the floor near the hearth, next to a pair of silk pillows. Several wooden bowls are littered about the floor with fish bones, dried milk and the like.

Should the players be angry, forceful or mean to the old woman she will turn dark and vulgar with these "harlots, *@$%#! eating $^#@!ing #^&@!ers!". Her mind sharp as a tack...before quickly reverting.

She also has a black cat that she lovingly cares for known as "Mr Whiskers". She will be thrilled if players are nice to Mr Whiskers, offer him milk, fresh fish, clean his litter box or fluff his pillows. Mr Whiskers does not like to be pet (usually). Should any player attempt to use violence on the old woman or Mr. Whiskers, Mr. Whiskers will cast a variety of offensive spells to assault them, and berate them with the loud booming voice of James Earl Jones.

Mr. Whiskers is a feline necromancer, and quite a powerful one, with a human familiar. Note Mr. Whiskers is a necromancer in that he can command and control the spirits of the dead, rather than the "raise the dead legions" style that has become the norm. If properly bribed then Mr. Whiskers will aid the players in any investigations they may have by raising spirits at the local graveyard and interrogating them, or even exorcising spirits from those possessed by them. In rare great services Mr. Whiskers may share one of his many hidden relics from the region.

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  1. I love it. Mr. Whiskers is a powerful, unassuming foe, indeed!