Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Release - Beta 0.69

A few more tweaks and changes with the newest version. Healing has been streamlined and improved (including the addition of the "party/shindig/box social" rules), a few tweaks to weapon tags to streamline them, a pair of new armour tags that deal with armour crafted for looks above effectiveness (giving a bonus to presence and penalties to effectiveness).

The main change was a change to the powers a wizard could select. While casting spells is the most useful of any of the 5 starting powers available to a wizard, all of them had some use (even if minor) should you not choose spell casting. The exception being "Psychic Potential", which granted an extra kick of mana. If one took "Familiar" they could also gain more mana as well as a helpful servant, likewise if they didn't take the ability to cast spells the additional mana would be of no value. It dawned on me that such was the kicker, so I did some preliminary play testing on a new solution.

"Psychic Potential" is no longer an extra kicker of mana, rather it is a new use for mana. Relax though, it isn't any horribly complicated psionic system. Psychic powers are for all intents and purposes part of the "magic" umbrella. This power now instead grants the wizard the option to expend mana instead of luck points to avoid influence (damage) in a social conflict. This means that when a demon is attempting to possess a wizard with this power, the wizard now has an extra reserve of defense. This moves the power from the most useless to actually the second most useful ability

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