Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Further simplification of encumbrance

First off the "Dot Size" rules for encumbrance work great and have for years. Most people tend to just think of their strength as their upper limit and never encumbered themselves. However when it does happen it can be marginally a finagle to know what penalty they are at (-1, -2 or -5). While only very marginally I thought on it and realized in terms of a "button or dial" it didn't really add a lot to game play. So I streamlined it again.

You can carry your strength in "dots". You can carry up to half-again (round up) and count as "Off Balance" (which is used quite a bit as a tag, making it easier to remember). If you have less than half your strength in dots you gain a minor perk (+1 to agility checks and defense rolls).

Thus encouraging "light travel" as an option, while still allowing for "Kitchen sink" characters, keeping the paperwork light but making what you carry still matter.


  1. One of your coolest ideas, Zz. :D

  2. I am suddenly struck by an idea. If the measure of a 'dot' is applied in real life by the weight of one penny, a player's encumberance could be counted out into small coke bottles and measured instantaneously on a scale. The height of the pennies in the coke bottle could be marked with yellow bands, and the amount of encumbrance would be evident to everyone at a glance.

    Got me thinking now.