Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simplifying weapon training

So one set of rules that are in place with the "weapon tags" to generate weapons simply and easily (rather than having a giant list of historical and fantasy weapons).

But one thing I wanted was to have a way to force training in weapons. What good comes of that? Why not simply allow anyone to use any weapons? I wanted some weapons to be trickier and harder to master than others. Some weapons have their strength in the fact that they are simple to use. A club is a lot easier to use than a pair of sword-chucks.

My current plan to test is to give a -1 penalty to attack for each tag a weapon has, unless a skill is used on that tag. So a two-handed, slashing, double edged, defensive weapon (a two handed sword) is harder to use than a two-handed club. Hitting with a stick is thus simpler than the art of fencing and swordplay.

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  1. I know the way Warhammer handled it was that specialist weapons required a separate skill to master. Everything else was fair game for those who had a decent enough Weapon Skill to hit anything with 'em.

    As it is, that is a pretty neat idea you have, and one I might have to adapt for my own game!