Thursday, January 6, 2011

Leaving a grapple - Further simplification of grapple

One thing I have been very happy with is the shrinking of the various grappling rules to be a simple rule that contains all wrestling, overbearing, tackling, swarming, riding, climbing onto and otherwise grappling.

You make an attack roll (with a simple penalty), and if you succeed the opponent has been latched onto, putting a limit on the potential range that can be used for weapons, A swordsman may be unable to do much more than punch a giant squid latched onto him while a dragon could only roll around and try to dislodge a halfling thief stabbing him in the back repeatedly.

The way to leave a grapple was either through mutual agreement or by winning both a comparative strength and agility check. This could get a bit bulky through in play. It also didn't allow others to rescue you from a grapple (Say pry the wolf from your throat).

Thus I replaced it by needing to score a basic "Knock Down" against one of the individuals. This allows for a third party to aid in freeing someone from a grapple and streamlines it marginally.

Plus it adds an extra reason to use "Knock Down" (which is tommorows point)...

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