Friday, January 14, 2011

Exorcism and Social Combat:

I am overall a fan of the way social combat is used to represent possession attempts, it gives bard's a chance to shine in the demon infested ruins. However I am now limiting it so that social combat will only physically harm a creature if it is trying to possess you. If you walk up to a ghost and start yelling at it, it will just throw a chair at you unfazed (ba dum ting!). If it tries to dig into your mind however, your mind will fight back and damage the ghost: like any other infection.

The exception to this will be the priest with the exorcism power. This will allow a priest to harm such creatures even if they instigate the social combat. If the priest walks up and starts screaming at a ghost, the ghost (or demon or what have you) will recoil in pain as the priest invokes the name of his deity, "The power of Zeus compels you!". This increases the use of the power and means that a 1 part priest need not be expected to always take "miracles", as both "true belief" and "exorcism" become quite useful, while still ensuring bard's maintain their defense.

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