Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changes to Blunt Weapons

Much like the 'Vicious Tag', the Blunt tag has given me no end of grief. I want blunt weapons to be viable, but I don't want 10 kind of slow down when they are used. Different options of knockdown effects and turning damage absorbed by armour into stun damage all took too much when in a mass battle.

Slashing weapons have their die sized up one, piercing weapons roll repeating damage. I needed something simple, and I am currently testing the following: A natural 20 on an attack gains all of the benefits of a power attack. Natural 20, power attack. Seems simple, but the real question is how will this impact game play.


  1. ?

    * Blunt Critical = Force Save v. Body or whatever, or go unconscious.

    * Edged Critical = Force Save v. Body*, or suffer a Sever result.

    * Piercing Critical = Save v. Body, or Impaled with heavy or continuing damage upon withdrawal.

    Hope that is food for thought.

  2. The original concept there (blunt critical or go KO) was what I had originally actually(waaay back when I was first starting out), as that made the most sense, and fit into the XP scheme (more xp for capture than outright kill, even if you execute later).

    But I had to abandon it when I moved away from hitpoints to luck points. This is because I wanted to keep to the original mechanic of "a d4 damage represents a 12 inch steel spike being stabbed into you", where a sword blow was a sword blow regardless of who it hit. This meant weapons couldn't cause maiming effects (including KO) without actually hitting someone's body points (the few points of damage someone can take that represent real physical injuries that take months to heal and cause penalties to rolls).

    I was already getting away from poisons or "save or die" effects, instead making them do damage (even if a ridiculous amount).

    Thus began my long affair of trying to make blunt weapons work again. Because if left the way it was, everyone would use a blunt weapon to take down a character. "He's high level! Drop your sword and punch at him everyone!"

    Had I kept with the old "damage is physical injuries" motiff, that would have been a perfect solution (not just for blunt but for the other two as well).

  3. I've been there, too.

    I wish you well. :)