Monday, January 24, 2011

Additional Tweaks

I have made some additional tweaks over the past few days to various minor elements. For example, the warrior power combat awareness grants an additional awareness die of luck points.

For those who may play D&D, consider that if the average character got 4 class powers to built their class (From weapon specialization, to shield use, to spell casting and turning undead) this would be one of them. The equivalent of giving a bonus hit die.

This is very useful at level 1, but fades quickly at higher levels. Kind of a waste of a power for a longer term player. This has been upgraded to give 1 extra die per milestone. In D&D terms think of it as being 1 extra HD per 5 levels or part there of. This doesn't make it a "must have" but definitely helps.

I expect the next Piecemeal release to be coming soon and I am nearing an end to the number of rough bits I am looking to iron out.


  1. Does this apply to characters that take one part Warrior, or only whole Warriors?

  2. If you use this as one of your warrior powers, it applies.

    The more pie pieces of warrior you take, the greater number of powers you can take. But if you have only one piece in warrior and you take this as your ability you get the same effect as a 3 piece warrior with this power.

  3. Zz: Thanks.
    --Could someone with 2/3rds pie-slices Warrior choose it twice?

  4. No.. BUT

    You did make me think if I ever actually spelled that out in regards to powers.. I have to look into that. Just because thats how I designed it to be doesn't mean I actually put that to 'paper' anywhere.

    I'll have to get back to you on that portion.

  5. So it turns out I didn't explicitly state that. So now I have, but I am starting to wonder if maybe that isn't another level of customization...

    I'll have to test that at some point, to make sure each class has at least one power that could be taken multiple times...

  6. I am glad to be of service in my lateral sort of way. :)

    Looking forward to hearing what you've decided to go with.